10 ways to boost your home’s appeal when selling

When it comes to selling your home, selling for the highest amount possible is at the top of every homeowner’s wish list. If you have been thinking about putting your home on the market, it’s time to look at it from a homebuyer’s perspective. This will enable you to make adjustments prior to listing your home that could result in receiving a higher offer.

These 10 tips could help you boost your home’s appeal to potential homebuyers. One of the most important things to remember when selling your home is that every home buyer is unique. While your home can’t possibly appeal to every home buyer that is searching for their dream home, small changes could help expand your home’s appeal.

  1. Clean. This seems like the simplest task to complete. However, cleaning your home from top to bottom inside and out can take some time. You could do this yourself and save some money or hire a professional to do a deep clean. A clean home is much more appealing to homebuyers than one that looks unkempt. This includes simple things on the exterior such as clearing out children’s skateboards from the front stoop or toys that may be lying around the backyard. More detailed cleaning could involve things such as cleaning the windows. You want the home to shine in the photos; that includes being able to see clearly through the windows.
  2. De-clutter and stage. Hand in hand with cleaning is de-cluttering. As you live in a home you collect more items. But, now is the time to showcase how spacious and inviting your home could be. Remove the clutter including freeing up space in the closets. If the closet is filled to the brim, it could be hard for the potential buyer to realize its true size. Stage the home for maximum appeal. Ask your realtor® for help. They may work with a professional stager who could perform a consultation. Staging a home doesn’t have to be costly. You may able to save money using the items in your home.
  3. Landscape. Landscaping is also an area that you could save money on by doing it yourself. However, if you want to save time and have a polished look, you may want to hire a professional landscaper. Prune the trees, trim the lawn, edge the bushes, and fill in any patches on the lawn. Add pops of color by planting colorful shrubs or flowers. Do not think solely of the front of the home but the backyard as well. Curb appeal will get them through the door, but the back of the home should look good as well.

    Hiring a professional landscaper could save you time when preparing your home for sale.
    Hiring a professional landscaper could save you time when preparing your home for sale.
  4. Create an outdoor living space. Bring the indoors outside with a few simple pieces. Add an outdoor rug and patio furniture and you have an outdoor living space. If there is space and you don’t already have one you may want to add a grill.
  5. Basic home maintenance. Make sure those basic wear and tear items are repaired. Remember that leak you’ve had under the sink? Now may be the time to fix it. It will probably show up on a home inspection report. Fixing minor issues means less items showing up on a buyer’s home inspection report. This means less negotiating for you as the seller and possibly resulting in an on-target or even higher selling price. Replace things such as rusty gutters. Your home could lose some appeal to buyers if they feel like it hasn’t been well-maintained.
  6. Replace worn carpet. Visibly worn out carpet is not very appealing and should be replaced soon. Buyers are making a large purchase and do not want to think that they will have to replace flooring soon after buying a home.
  7. Replace outdated fixtures. Fixtures can change the look of a room. It’s surprising the difference updating a light switch plate can make in a room. Go through your home and look at the switch plates and the fixtures. Could they benefit from an update? If so, it may be worth it to replace them and possibly add to your bottom line when selling your home.
  8. Update your bathroom. A smaller bathroom could be updated with just a few finishing touches. Replace outdated wall paper with paint or contemporary wallpaper. Replace the fixtures and faucet. Even replacing the toilet with a new one could make a difference.
  9. Modernize the kitchen. Adding a new backsplash can bring a focal point into the kitchen. Replace the faucets or if your old ceramic sink is stained replace it with a new stainless steel version.
  10. Hire a home inspector. A home inspector is objective. It’s their job to find the things that are in need of repair currently or may need repair soon. This small expense allows you to find out before the potential buyer does, what could possibly show up on the inspection report. You may choose to repair these items now or wait and see what the home buyer decides once they’ve done their own inspection and make an offer on your house.

Taking time upfront to make some changes or small repairs could help boost your home’s appeal to a larger number of potential buyers. The more appealing it is to others the more likely you are to get a purchase offer.

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