Transform your small backyard into a selling point

Thinking of selling your home but unsure if your small backyard will be a bore to home buyers? When your home is listed for sale you want it to be the best it could be in order to bring in the highest offer possible. A small yard does not have to be a negative when it comes to selling your home. In fact, some buyers may like the idea of a smaller yard that requires little maintenance. These tips could help transform your small, boring backyard to a restful retreat.

Think function

Before you can make the backyard transformation you have to figure out the best use of your backyard. Is it only large enough for a chair or two, or can a patio set fit comfortably. Is your pool your backyard? Meaning, the pool is so large it takes up the majority of the space leaving little room to relax and entertain in the yard. Once you evaluate the available function you could then formulate your game plan.

If the backyard is lacking privacy and you would like to cut costs instead of building taller walls you could plant large plants and grasses to gain natural privacy without additional hardscape. This will add softness and possibly various pops of color depending upon your plant choices.  If your backyard has plants that are dying, you could use this as an opportunity to replace the plants or remove them and change the landscape design. Adding mulch to your garden and flower beds could make a visual difference and is normally low cost.

Making small changes to your small backyard could result in dramatic transformations.
Making small changes to your small backyard could result in dramatic transformations.

Formulate a plan

What is the best aspect of your backyard? What is the least? You’ll want to highlight the best parts of your backyard. Is it small but has amazing views? Be sure to have your patio furniture placed to take in the view. Hide the air conditioning unit with tall plants or go the low maintenance way and surround the sides you can see with wood. Paint it and create your own backyard art. It is only limited by your imagination. Remove any “junk” in the backyard. Buyers want to picture themselves enjoying the backyard not using it to store old tools and toys.

If your backyard has lots of lush vegetation think about making it a relaxing oasis. Add a hammock or perhaps a small table and two chairs for tranquil evenings or a secluded brunch.  This is a great way to bring the indoors out. You’ll want your potential home buyers to think of themselves as enjoying this space.  A small backyard could be great for entertaining friends.  With the right use of the space a small area can still be fully functional. Think circular patio benches with a fire pit in the center as an example. This is a great way to enjoy cooler evenings while socializing with friends and family.

If your backyard is lacking lush vegetation you could add some plants or use various hardscapes to create a modern, relaxing atmosphere. Paving stones, river rock, old brick or flagstone could be mixed together or used separately to create a tranquil backyard much like the modern flair shown in this transformation.

Financing the transformation

What budget do you want to stay within? It does not have to be costly to make a small transformation seem big. However, you may start formulating your plan and decide it’s worth it to add in the extras. Installing vertical planters to add height to the yard, or building a patio to lessen maintenance could be outside of your budget. A cash-out refinance could help fund your small backyard transformation project. Who knows, when you are done you may decide you don’t want to sell after all.

Thinking of using your home equity to transform your small backyard? If so, talk to the lending experts at Lenox/WesLend Financial or call 844-225-3669. As heard on the radio, it’s the biggest no-brainer in the history of mankind. 

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