Budget Friendly Kitchen Makeovers

Ask any homeowner, if you could remodel any part of your house, what would you like to remodel? Mostly likely, a large number of them would reply the kitchen. Why? From food preparation, cooking, eating meals and entertaining guests the kitchen is a home’s hub. It makes sense that most would prefer this room to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. However, a full kitchen make-over can cost a large sum of money that most homeowners don’t have easily accessible. So, how can you create a whole new look for your kitchen without breaking the bank?

Plan it out…

You’ll want to have a solid plan in place. Have a specific kitchen remodel budget to work with to help you stay on track. Decide at this point if you want to hire someone to help put the plan in motion. Sometimes it helps to have a professional who can provide guidance. There are a lot of kitchen trends now; however, consider incorporating timeless trends to help you enjoy your kitchen for years to come. Which ones, if any, would you like to include into your kitchen? Maybe add quartz countertops or an island? During your planning stage look at the possibilities and decide both what you like and can afford.

Now that you have your plan, it is time to tackle your materials. One of the biggest expenses in a kitchen remodel is new kitchen cabinets. However, you can save a lot of money if the bones of your current cabinetry are solid. Kitchen cabinetry can be transformed several ways. The first choice is usually paint. You can transform old oak cabinetry with a fresh coat or two of semi-gloss to create a whole new look. New hardware on the cabinets could further enhance them. Are your kitchen cabinet doors beyond the help of paint? You could also consider replacing only the doors and hardware at a much lower cost. In smaller spaces that require extra storage space, shelving can be a great alternative.

Have a solid plan in place to help stay within your kitchen remodel budget.
Have a solid plan in place to help stay within your kitchen remodel budget.

Do your countertops need sprucing up? How about a new laminate overlay? Or if you have your heart set on granite or quartz but can’t afford the price tag, look for a remnant stone. They are usually less expensive and most people will not be able to spot a difference. Are new appliances on your list? Today’s appliances have lots of bells and whistles that may come with a hefty price tag. To save money, if there is a store near you, try looking in the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. They receive inventory daily and have options not only for appliances but also for used furniture and building materials as well. You may find yourself a great buy and help others in the process!

Keeping on track with your budget is key

  • Keep your plumbing and/or gas lines in place. One of the largest expenses could be moving the sink from one portion of the kitchen to another. Moving plumbing lines and gas lines can add up to big dollars.
  • Purchase all your materials first. If your materials are back ordered or discontinued it could cause delays in your kitchen renovation or extra money from having to order materials at the last minute. Also, if you have hired a contractor, extra charges may be applied for delayed jobs.
  • Look for materials in the clearance section and for appliances in the scratch and dent section. Sometimes you can find a great bargain that fits perfectly with your renovation project. For example, no one is bound to notice a dent or scratch on the side of the stove if it is covered by cabinetry. The best part is that you could potentially purchase an appliance with huge savings!
  • Stick to the plan as closely as possible. Sure, there may be something that causes you to go off plan. But, if you stick with your plan you are less likely to go off budget.
  • Do some of the work yourself. Does some of your kitchen remodel involve paint? You could probably do that yourself and save some additional money.

Need some inspiration? These before and after photos should help give you some ideas for your kitchen renovation. If you are set on a full kitchen remodel but your savings just won’t allow for it, a cash-out refinance could help provide the needed money. Refinancing is a tool that many homeowners utilize to fund their home renovations. If your home’s equity allows for the investment, it may be worth finding out if a cash-out refinance is right for you.

If you are thinking of a home renovation and would like to refinance, talk to the lending experts at Lenox/WesLend Financial or call 844-225-3669. As heard on the radio, it’s the biggest no-brainer in the history of mankind. 


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