Gardening ideas for your condo balcony

Are you one of the many people who live in parts of the country that have good weather year round? More likely, if you live in one of these areas you don’t mind. However, it’s fall, the weather is cooler and chances are your condo balcony could use a little TLC. These tips could make your balcony a little more colorful.

Whether you have a large balcony or a small one, balconies are great places to relax and forget about the stresses of the day. Why not make it more dynamic with pops of color and greenery? With creative containers and an imagination, you can turn a boring balcony into a more serene retreat. If you have a larger balcony that has room for seating, start with that first. Then you know exactly how much room you have to add your accents.

Go beyond the boring container…

Container gardening has gone from boring window boxes to creative displays only limited by your imagination. Depending on the size of the container just about anything could be grown in them. From tall colorful grasses, to succulents, to flowers and shrubs, mix and match or go for solid displays. Make it your own. You’ll be the one enjoying the balcony the most, design it with your own flair. We love the idea of adding tall colorful grasses. It adds height and gives a more dramatic feel and most of all, it’s unexpected. The purple fountain grass and cat tails here look great in a container and can easily be used on a balcony. It almost gives the illusion of a fountain.

New uses for old furniture pieces can bring an eclectic style to your balcony.
New uses for old furniture pieces can bring an eclectic style to your balcony.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match flowers with plants to add more interest. Not sure which plants to use for your containers? Heuchera comes in many colors and is very hardy. Verbena and many others are great choices for fall. Choose containers that fit your style and think of different ways to use them. A strawberry container can easily be utilized to plant colorful flowers creating tiers of flowers that stream over the container. What about herbs? Is it warm enough where you live to plant herbs in the fall? If so, you could use a cloth shoe rack as your container. Hang it on the wall, saving space and adding interest – fresh herbs, all year long.  Boxwood is very easy to maintain and looks great in a container. Trim it in a classic style or go for something unique. Pops of color do not have to come from the plants and flowers alone. Bright, colored ceramic pots look great with flowers and plants alike. You could create your own in a designer color. Simply use spray paint on a plastic container that has a design that you prefer. Find old pieces of furniture that can be refurbished and used to put your pots on or used directly as planters to add some interest.

What’s your idea of a perfect balcony? Why not create it? This fall give your balcony a makeover and enjoy it all season long.

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