How to make your small space seem bigger

Small spaces seem to be growing in popularity nowadays. The thought of living with just the essentials can be very appealing to some. Whether you have a small house or apartment or simply a small room, designing the space for both appeal and functionality can be challenging. Tiny houses have quite an attraction these days. Many tune into HGTV’s Tiny House and Big Living for inspirational design ideas and tips on how to better organize small spaces.

If you are not quite ready to downsize to 325 square feet of living space however, but have a small room that needs some help, we have some simple tips to help transform a small room into one that is both visually appealing and spacious.

Paint. Paint is a design element that can quickly transform a room. Light color paints will open up a space and make it appear larger while deep, rich paints bring walls closer and can make the room look smaller. If one light color is too monochromatic for your taste, try varying the shade slightly to add a little depth. More depth can also be added by keeping the walls light and adding a rich color or even wall paper treatment on the ceiling. Neutral walls allow for more colorful accessories and furniture.

Furniture.  While one large statement piece can bring the room together, too many can overpower it.  Choose furniture that is not overwhelming for the space. A couch or loveseat that has raised legs creates more visual space below and creates an open flow. Dual purpose furniture is a great way to stay organized and alleviate some clutter. Choose pieces such as ottomans and coffee tables that allow for storage, or even a bed with storage options below. These are great places to store extra blankets, DVDs or other items you don’t need on a regular basis. Consider the layout of the furniture to add dimension to the room as well. Place furniture at an angle and take advantage of the visual lines it produces.

The magic of mirrors…

Mirrors. We have all heard about placing a mirror on the wall to make a room look larger. How about making the mirror a statement piece on the wall? A large mirror that reflects a great view or even beautiful artwork adds to the appeal in the room. Don’t limit yourself to mirrors on the wall. Using furniture pieces such as desks or console tables that have mirrors on them can also add light and reflection.

Lighting.  Do you have large windows with soft, beautiful natural light? Take advantage of them. It will open the space and give your guests a peek at the world outside. Are your windows too small or the view from it not so great? No problem, hang your curtain rods higher and wider than the window itself. Long flowing curtains give the illusion of larger windows. Adding lamps can also provide the additional lighting you need.

Shelving can add dimension and height to a room.
Shelving can add dimension and height to a room.

Adding new heights…

Shelving.  Did you know that shelving is great not only for organizing and displaying your cherished collections but also for making a room seem larger? There are a few tricks that you should consider. Color coordinate your books and decorative items for a more streamlined look.  Put shelves in unexpected places like over a door to give a more heightening effect. Installing built in shelving from floor to ceiling can open more space throughout the room. Add flair by hanging shelves in an artistic pattern on the wall. No matter what shelving style you choose be sure not to fill your shelves completely. Leaving a little space gives the illusion of more room.

By incorporating some or all of these tips with your own sense of style, you could transform your space and make it seem larger than it really is.

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