Space saving ideas when you don’t have a walk-in closet

Let’s face it. Not all homes have a walk-in closet. A lot of us wish we could have a large walk-in closet to arrange all our shoes, clothes and other belongings. For those of us who don’t, there is still hope. With some ingenuity your closet and surrounding space can contain all the storage you need in such a fashionable way, your friends may be coming to you for advice.

Smaller spaces usually have limited closet space. One way to open up the space is to remove the doors from the closet and replace them with curtains. This will free up some space by taking away the clearance area needed by the opening of the doors. This can also allow room for a smaller dresser or piece of furniture that could be incorporated into your closet for extra storage. If you have a room that currently has no closet, but can accommodate one, you could create your own simply by adding a prefabricated wardrobe from home furnishing stores like Ikea. They come in various sizes to suit a varied amount of storage needs.

Look for organization opportunities in open spaces. Corners and walls have unutilized space that could work wonders for keeping all your items organized. Have a corner in your room that is not being used? Hang a clothes rack and use that space to hang clothes, etc. You could also install crown molding in rows on the wall and use it to store your shoes for functionality and added style.

Shelving can be a great go-to for your accessories and books. Install it above your bedroom door to stow items such as towels or sheets. Install it along the perimeter of a wall or two for additional book and accessory storage. The back of your closet door is a goldmine of opportunity. You could mount pegs to hold shoes, store your laundry hamper or even store your yoga mat. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Storage space does not have to be limited to closets.
Storage space does not have to be limited to closets.

Opt for furniture that can double as storage. Ottomans and storage cubes are common dual purpose pieces. Blankets and out of season clothing could be stored in them. What about your bed? There are several ways you could incorporate storage solutions into your bed. One way is to add risers. This will allow for storage containers under the bed to house clothing and shoes. You could also purchase a platform bed with drawers beneath it. How about the headboard itself? Both Ikea and other furnishing companies have headboard storage solutions that can fit clothing, accessories and more. From pull out shelves to bookshelves you could add above the bed, there are solutions for just about everything.  You may be able to even build your own.

Is your heart set on a walk-in closet? If so, and if your space can accommodate it, you could do some small renovations to your home to re-work your floor plan to include one. If your bank account disagrees with your desire to renovate, a cash-out refinance may be able to help you with your home renovations.

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