To stage or not to stage

It’s a question that many real estate agents are asked at the listing appointment. Should we stage our house for potential buyers? As a homeowner one of the main focuses is to sell the house quickly and for top dollar. Of course, that means when selling a house the importance of staging for home buyers comes to mind. When it comes to home staging, should you hire a professional home stager? If so, how much will it cost to have a well-staged home?
What does a home stager do?
If you are interested in hiring a stager, your Realtor® could refer you to one or you could look at sites such as the Real Estate Staging Association to find a professional stager. Keep in mind their main initiative is to make the home appeal to a large number of prospective buyers. It is possible that the décor they choose may not be a match to your personal taste. This does not mean that they are going to remove all your personal belongings and replace them with a home full of new furniture and knickknacks. While many stagers do house a large number of items to fully stage a home, this is not always necessary. Once they have viewed the home both the seller and the stager can decide the best way to stage it. They are likely to recommend you declutter the home or perhaps add a fresh coat or even a different color of paint in certain rooms. While not all paint has to be a neutral color, most buyers may prefer a neutral canvas that they can personalize. This portion of the staging process can either be done by you or the stager can coordinate the services as well. This will be dependent upon your contract.

A home staging consultation could help bring fresh ideas for preparing your home for sale.
A home staging consultation could help bring fresh ideas for preparing your home for sale.

How could home staging help sellers?

Clutter can become a focal point for buyers when they enter the front door. You’ll want to spend some time decluttering and perhaps using a storage space to hold your personal items during the time the home is on the market. After you have completed the decluttering process, you can begin the steps to finish staging your home. You may have a room that you need to repaint or touch up so that it is free of nicks and fading. Furnishing the rooms does not have to be expensive. You may find that you have good quality pieces that can be either downsized or even moved around to different areas of the house. For instance, that chair that is in your living room might look great in the bedroom creating a reading nook. Have too much furniture in the dining room? You might consider putting some of the furniture in storage temporarily.

Decorating the home should be done with care. You don’t want to personalize the home too much as to ward off home buyers from being able to picture themselves living in your home. The home should be warm and inviting. Countertops should be clear of most items. You want to show the available space rather that hide it away under the coffee maker, toaster and food processor for example. The master bedroom should have a serene feel. Don’t have the budget to go buy a new mattress? If it is a bed you are not normally sleeping on, you could dress up an air mattress with bedding.

When it comes to staging a home for a buyer, you don’t necessary have to get the whole house staged to be competitive in the real estate market. Staging is about strategically using what you have or utilizing a professional to help you obtain a look that is appealing to a majority of buyers. Costs for staging vary not only by area of the country but also by the amount of staging that needs to take place. Sometimes you may be able to have a professional come in purely on a consultation basis and put their suggestions to work yourself, or you may want to have them completely stage for you. Selling a home can take some effort and it is often times helpful to have someone else that can help prepare the home for sale. Staging can make a difference in the look and feel of a room. Take a look at these before and after photos and see the difference in these rooms.

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