Winter is coming. How first time home buyers can prepare their new home.

We all know that winter is coming and we cannot stop it. As a first time homebuyer, it’s the first winter in your new home. As you are beginning to learn, homes need periodic maintenance to be sure they stay in good condition. Performing a little preparation now could help you enjoy your home all winter long.

For homeowners who live in colder climates one of the most important things to check is the heating system. Chances are it has not been turned on for several months. It’s best to find out now rather than on a cold winter’s night if there is any maintenance that needs to occur. If your home has a fireplace, clean the chimney or hire a cleaning service to do it for you. If the chimney has built up soot or other debris, it could cause carbon monoxide to leak into the home when it is used.

As the fall season comes to a close in the next few months, roofs will need to be inspected. The fall leaves and debris could easily pool on the top of a flat roof and cause moisture build up. This moisture could lead to roof damage. A large number of states around the country experience lots of rain and snow in the winter months. By inspecting the roof for damage now, you could prevent leaks later. In addition to roof leak prevention, you’ll want to prevent air from coming through cracks in doors and windows. If there is large space, you’ll want to seal it. has an infographic showing locations to check for air leaks in your home. By sealing leaks in your home, you could save on both heating and cooling costs.

Prepare your home for winter now and spend more time enjoying the winter season.
Prepare your home for winter now and spend more time enjoying the winter season.

Don’t forget about the maintenance outdoors as well. Fall leaves and debris could clog up gutters causing additional damage to your home this winter. Be sure to clear out the gutters. Do you have extensions on your down spouts? If not, you may consider adding them. This could help move the drainage further away from your home’s foundation and prevent damage. Disconnect your garden hoses and drain the faucet to prevent freezing. Any water left in the faucet is likely to freeze and expand in the winter and could cause cracks in pipes.

Get ready for snowfall by purchasing a shovel or a snow blower. Stock up on road salt or ice melt now rather later. In the midst of a storm, supplies tend to run low. Besides, who wants to go out in a storm to purchase supplies? Speaking of supplies, if you live in a state that experiences severe weather, create a Winter Emergency Kit; similar to other disaster type kits. This one should have food and water supplies, road salt, hats and gloves, batteries for a radio in case power goes out, and blankets.

By getting your home ready for the colder winter months, you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying those cool nights around the fireplace and less time dealing with emergency repairs. Winter is coming. Be prepared.

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