Home improvement projects you can complete in one day

Believe it or not spring is just around the corner. Some states have already begun to feel the warmer weather creep in while others may still be in the midst of winter weather. With spring officially starting this month, there are many things you can do around the house in no time to spruce up or help enhance your home.

The most common one day home improvement project

Painting is a great way to quickly freshen up a space at a lower cost and a home improvement project you can realistically complete in a day. With all the trendy new colors for 2017 you may find it hard to decide which option best fits your style. For more inspiration it may be helpful to review Benjamin Moore’s 28 top colors for 2017. Before running out to buy gallons of paint for your bedroom or even one for the front door however, it is best to pick up some samples. Paint colors look different in various forms of light. What may look beautiful in the brightness of mid-day may be overwhelmingly dark in the evening. Place some samples on the wall and see how you like them over the course of a few days. You could even purchase eco-friendly paints that are good for the environment.

Going beyond paint

Want to go beyond the regular paint update into something a little more upscale? Why not try adding some molding around the wall at chair rail height? You could even go further by using narrow strips of molding to create a paneled look at fairly inexpensive costs. Another DIY option is removing the plain mirror in your bathroom and replacing it with a medicine cabinet creating a custom look and adding storage at the same time.

You could also transform rooms by replacing interior doors. If your interior doors are flat, you could swap them out with a paneled option or go for the new sliding doors that are all the rage on home improvement shows today. What about the kitchen? Want to give it a new look without breaking the bank with a whole remodel? Try smaller changes that can have a big impact like installing a new tile or tin backsplash, or even replacing your cabinetry knobs and draw pulls. Painting your cabinets rather than replacing them or refinishing them could also add a dramatic new look to you kitchen at a low cost.

While not all home improvements will increase the value of your home, some of them are done simply for comfort or preference. For instance, your daughter may be a lover of all things pink. However, if you paint her bedroom a bright, bold pink it may not add value to your home, but she will probably love it. This is something that is easily changeable should you decide to sell your home.

If you are lucky enough to live in a state that is experiencing nicer weather now, take advantage of it by crossing off outdoor “to-do list” items. Upgrading your outdoor furniture and adding more lighting could dramatically change the look of your backyard. Hanging string lights in the backyard to enhance it during those get-togethers with family and friends helps to extend the time you can spend in the space. How about filling in those bare patches on the lawn? Doing it now will help it take hold before the summer.

A space to entertain family and friends is a welcome addition to the backyard.
A space to entertain family and friends is a welcome addition to the backyard.

What if your backyard is missing one of the key items for a get-together? A deck or patio is a great place to entertain. Granted, a deck or patio is definitely not a one day job, at least not for the average Joe, but if you have been longing to upgrade your entertainment space out back, now may be the time. The upgrade may be ready in time for spring and summer. You may even be able to get cash-out refinancing on your current home and not have to dip into savings to make it a reality. You may want to consult a lender to see if a cash-out refinance is right for you.

Whether you choose to do a full remodel or simply freshen up the look of your home for the spring there are lots of options to choose from. Enjoy making your home more unique.

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