Moving to a new city? Check these tips first.

Moving itself can seem like a hassle. We all know the struggle of trying to work, pack and live a somewhat normal life while in the middle of a move. Moving to a new city? That could easily become more overwhelming. Moving to a new location can add a whole new spin to the moving dynamic. There is the addition of finding a new drycleaner, a new favorite jogging trail, the local grocery store and if you have children, finding the new route to school. But, with a bit of planning and organization it could be a lot simpler.

Before you move

Check out the city. Visit the neighborhood you are considering moving to and see how it is during the day or evening. This new neighborhood may be temporary while you are deciding your final location in the city; however, you will still want to feel comfortable and secure in your new place.  Take the time to look at all the housing options available.  If you are short on time and need to make the move quickly, you could place your items in storage and rent temporary housing like an Airbnb until you are able to find the ideal place.

Learn about the quality of the schools if you have children or thinking about attending classes yourself. Social media is a great way to learn more about a city. Within your network you may find others who have either traveled to your new city or know others you can connect with after your big move. Ask for recommendations for everyday things as well as entertainment venues. Stepping out of your comfort zone can allow you to meet new people and find new opportunities.

Plan your move. Set your budget so you know how much money you will need for the relocation. Will you hire a mover or rent a U-haul? What will your budget allow? A few months in advance, go through your belongings. Not everything you own has to come with you to your new home. You may find that some of them are no longer useful. How about donating items to the Salvation Army, Goodwill or any local organizations if you no longer need them? For larger ticket items, you could hold a garage sale and use the money to help with your moving expenses. Doing the packing yourself? Try to start packing at least a month in advance.

Create a moving checklist. A move can be a hectic time and you are more likely to forget or lose something when rushed. Create a checklist to help remember everything that needs to happen in the move. Add all your important items to the checklist. Things such as obtaining or forwarding any medical records to new providers, notifying utility companies, and refilling any prescriptions you may need. Remember to submit a change of address with the local post office. You can do this online for a small fee.

During the move and beyond

The essentials should be packed last. Everyone’s essentials are different. For some, it can include the coffeemaker, for others it’s their child’s favorite nighttime cuddle pal. Other things you might include could be bed sheets, blankets, pillows and perhaps a few dishes. Depending on whether you are making the move yourself or with family, each family member might need their own essentials box. Make sure your essential box(es) are clearly marked and packed into the moving truck last!

With the move behind you, it’s time to enjoy life in your new city.
With the move behind you, it’s time to enjoy life in your new city.

You’ve arrived at your new home. Now, it’s time to unpack and get settled. It’s a good idea to check all the major appliances first. Make sure they are all in working order. It would be awful to be exhausted from unpacking only to find out that your refrigerator is not working properly.

Check all electronics and furniture to make sure they were not damaged in transit. If you hired a mover you will want to do this immediately. There may be a time limit on any damage claims.

Host an unpacking party. If your new city is close enough for your old friends to visit, why not have them help you unpack? Having help is usually welcome. You can take care of unpacking your essentials boxes first. Make it fun. Your friends will get to visit you at your new place and you can benefit from the additional help.

Before you know it, you will be in your new routine and settled in your new life. Now, it’s time to enjoy your new city and all the opportunities it holds.

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